Film, TV, Commercials, Video Production, Mixing And Editing

Post-Production and editing of Movies, Videos and Music: Video Mixing, Voice-Over and Editing
Good movie always comes with a movie music background. A lot of effort goes into making of the video. A video should be directed and presented well. The sound of the video is as important as the visual aspect. Generally the videos used for online advertising are of short duration and audio plays a very important role in grabbing the attention of the viewers instantly. Good visuals should go hand in hand with good quality sound. Many times videos have gained popularity because of the music, jingles or interesting dialogues used.

We offer sound recording, editing, and sound mixing/audio mastering for movies, television programs, every types of commercials, social events and general home videos. Noise identification and reduction is performed. Sounds, audio effects and music synchronize with scenes onscreen. We offer complete video/short films production services. We deliver entire production solutions that translate your concept into an effective onscreen rendering, editing, scripting, audio & video special effects. We offers a range of audio production services for music including production, mixing and Voice work and Audio Drama including production and sound design for audio drama and spoken word, and voice-over for promotional material.

  • YouTube Video preparation and optimization
  • Adding Music, Sound, Voice and Animations in Videos, Movies, Commercials and Songs

We do stereo mixing for television and films. Normally the engineer will mix 4 main elements:

  • Speech (dialogue, Voice-Overs etc.)
  • Ambiance (or atmosphere)
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Special Effects

We offers visual, sound, lighting and other special effects for motion pictures, TV series, commercials, videos, commercial presentations, and other creative productions.

Color Grading

Color Grading, an essential post-production process in film making or video production, involves digital adjustment and manipulation of the color palette to create specific looks that enhance the movie story and atmosphere.
The overall color system of the movie is studied, and color corrections that are congenial to the overall look and enhance visual appeal of the movie are made.

Flash Animations

We combine creative and technology expertise to deliver rich 2D/3D Flash animations for motion pictures, TV commercials, product, services sales presentations and corporate presentations.

We also offer following services:

  • Music Editing
  • Dialogue Editorial, Balancing & Processing
  • Original Sound Effects Creation