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3 Leaf Post Recording had an opportunity to record finger-style guitarist John Calvert recently.

For this session we decided to try some newer mics as well as a couple of  older classics provided by Bob Pachman.

On and around John’s guitar are an AEA R-92,  a stereo pair of Neumann M-582s w/ m93 capsules,  a Rode NTK,  a Microtech -Gefell UM70 and a Soundelux ifet7 (not in picture). The ifet7 was used as a room mic, about 10 feet away.

For our gear-geek friends, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, the preamps we used were  combinations of a Avalon 737, a Universal Audio 2108 and a Focusrite ISA.

We had great results with the clear articulate sound of the stereo Neumanns along with the smoothness of the AEA ribbon.  Another nice combo was the Gefell about 12 inches of the neck with some of the Soundelux added in for some room.

So many choices is a nice problem to have.

It was a great day of tracking and made even easier by John’s talent.

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